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Combine two vital fields of knowledge so you can lead companies which are making huge technological bounds and driving progress in the world of IT.

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Become a Leader with an M.A. Information Technology Management

Information Technology is driving digital transformation, forming the basis for innovative business processes. IT managers are in high demand due to their knowledge on building and developing digital services. IU’s Information Technology Management programme equips you with the tools required to succeed in these leadership positions. You will gain industry-specific knowledge and business-related skills to start out on a career path in managing IT professionals. Our aim is to equip you to help organisations resolve difficult business issues with modern technology solutions. At the end of the program, you will have an unparalleled skill set that includes a firm grasp on the latest developments in information and communications technology as well as strategic and innovation management mechanisms.

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All the important details about this programme

  • Study model
    Master of Arts (M.A.)
    120 or 60 ECTS
    Study format: Online
  • Duration of study
    24 or 12 months
    Part time models available
  • Study Fees
    From 489 98 euros per month
  • Accreditation
    120 ECTS - English - Online
    Online study programmes are accredited in line with German and European standards

    60 ECTS - English - Online
    Online study programmes are accredited in line with German and European standards
  • Admission
    Admission Requirements
    Specific Field Knowledge
    Scholarship Programme Option
    English Skills
    One Year of Work (For 60 ECTS Version)
  • Reduce your study fees
    Many scholarship options available
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Degree Overview

IU's M.A. Information Technology Management programme will equip you with knowledge of the fundamentals of IT, from software to hardware, governance and compliance as well as risk assessment and leadership modules to help you understand the ins and outs of the world you intend to lead in. In the 60 ECTS version of this course, you will also get to choose a 10 ECTS elective module to specialise in and 20 ECTS for our 120 ECTS version to help you get a deep dive on other related topics.

1. Semester
2. Semester
3. Semester
4. Semester
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As part of this degree you get to choose electives to deepen your knowledge in an area you find most appealing or relevant to your career plans. These range from more technical areas such as artificial intelligence, big data application or blockchain and quantum computing, to areas more closely related to management skills, such as process management, project management and communication and negotiation.

Applied Cyber Security and Data Protection
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Applications
Blockchain and Quantum Computing
Change Management in Organisations
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Progress in your Career with an M.A. Information Technology Management

There is no shortage of career opportunities for information technology master graduates from IU. With growing dependence on information and communications technologies in almost every field, you will be free to pursue any career that requires you to use computing technology to expand and run business endeavours. Upon graduating IU's M.A. Information Technology Management you will have the skill-set to pursue a career as an IT project manager, a consultant, a general manager of operations, a chief information officer or chief technology officer. You will also be playing a key role in defining and executing several short and long term IT goals and objectives and successfully leading teams of information technology specialists in a myriad of organisations.

IT Project Manager

As an IT Project Manager, you are responsible for the management of IT projects and are always up-to-date on the latest developments which allow you to advise your team with specialist knowledge. You largely determine the project processes in IT and can create guidelines and policies that facilitate the further course of the project. You also consider the needs of the company and create documentation during the project. Consultation with specialist departments and project managers is also part of your job. 

IT Manager

As an IT Manager, you have one of the top in-demand positions that industry, public sector and government have to offer. Whether you deal with information management in a department or with data centre management in world-wide operating enterprise, this fascinating role gives you the chance to gain unique insights into almost any domain of international organisations. IT management postgraduates have in-depth entrepreneurial and management skills, which offers them excellent prospects in a wide range of careers, such as technology management, IT consulting, change or project management and business analysis.


Interested in cyber security? As an IT security manager, you’ll deal with it on a daily basis, by designing and overseeing a defence protocol for business data and assets. In this specialisation, you’ll dig into a wide range of topics related to cyber protection, such as attack prevention or active penetration testing for exposing potential weak spots. It’s an exciting role that is becoming increasingly vital in today’s digital business world.


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    Zena Massaad, MBA - Master of Business Administration
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    Diana Valdez, M.A. International Management
  • You can participate in IU events and establish an excellent network. My career proves it: networking is the key to success!

    Sandip Modha, MBA - Master of Business Administration

Admission requirements

You can start your desired study programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences if you meet the requirements.
Admission Requirements
Field Specific Knowledge
Scholarship Programme: Help Getting Started
English Skills
Work Experience (60 ECTS)
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