Applied Artificial Intelligence

Whether it's making large-scale industry, multinational companies, or even your home smarter, AI is changing the world we live in. IU's B.Sc. Applied Artificial Intelligence means you can be a driving force behind this change going into the future.

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As modern technology develops, artificial intelligence tools are becoming an inextricable part of our life. We might not be aware of it, but we are dependent on these tools for our day to day functioning. Whether if it's instructing digital personal assistants, or something extraordinary like designing self-driving cars, Artificial intelligence is a unique, multidisciplinary field. A Bachelor in Applied Artificial Intelligence will give you the skills to combine computing techniques and the psychology of human learning processes with new innovations in artificial intelligence in order to apply computing in challenging applications. Knowledge of UI/UX, machine learning, robotics, software and app development, speech and image processing will make our students perfect candidates to join international leaders in Artificial Intelligence technology.

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All the important details about this programme

  • Study model
    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
    180 ECTS
    Study format: Online or On Campus
  • Duration of study
    36 months
    Part time models available
  • Study Fees
    Online: From 375 75 euros per month
    On Campus: From 583 349 euros per month
  • Accreditation
    180 ECTS - English - Online
    Online study programmes are accredited in line with German and European standards

    180 ECTS - English - On Campus
    Currently in accreditation process
  • Admission
    High School Certificate
    Scholarship Programme Options
    English Skills
  • Reduce your study fees
    Many scholarship options available
Information about the start of studies
On Campus: Official start date 01.10.2022 (English, 180 ECTS)
Information on state accreditation
Subject to state accreditation. We expect the Ministry's approval no later than the start of the programme. So far, all of our programmes have been successfully accredited and approved on time.
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Degree Overview

As an expert in Artificial Intelligence, you will have deep knowledge of a wide range of areas vital to the subject. Core topics will teach you to work with statistics, programme with python, and get to grips with supervised and unsupervised machine learning. You’ll continue your academic journey by focusing on speech and image processing, cloud computing and software development. Develop a well-rounded body of knowledge, to serve you in any future technical development position. You will also learn the softer skills relevant to the subject such as ethical decision-making and collaborative work. During semesters 5 and 6, you can choose to specialise in areas of your choosing, with a focus on your future career path. This is how IU offers you the chance to become a well-rounded, in-demand professional upon graduation.

1. Semester
2. Semester
3. Semester
4. Semester
5. Semester
6. Semester
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In your fifth and sixth semesters, you get to choose elective modules equalling 30-ECTS. Choose from AI-specific modules such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality, autonomous dirving or automation and robotics as well as more business-focused modules such as applied sales, international marketing and branding and supply chain management. This gives you the option to really hone in on your preferences and get knowledge of how to use them in the business world.

Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality
Automation and Robotics
Autonomous Driving
Data Analyst
Data Engineer
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Your Future Career Path Using Artificial Intelligence

In our age of analytics and digitalisation, there has been a surge in demand for Artificial Intelligence experts in various industries, and graduates of B.Sc. Applied Artificial intelligence have fantastic career opportunities in front of them. Since the industry is still booming, you will be positioned at an amazing starting point for developing successful careers and contributing to exciting innovations. The degree program will equip you with computing skills that make you ready for the industry as well as scientific skills that you can use to pursue research. Owing to wide applications in various industries that utilise Artificial Intelligence, you will have abundant and exciting career opportunities. Some of the careers you can pursue are Autonomous Vehicle Developer, Smart Factory Developer or Augmented Reality Developer.


The highways of tomorrow will be full of self-driving cars: it’s not a matter of if, but of when. And that’s not the only place where autonomous machines are expected to be more visible: production lines, international logistics and warehouses around the globe are aiming to include more and more robotics in their work in the future. 

That’s why after graduating, you’ll be able to apply your professional skills and knowledge, and work for development teams at any sector you find appealing. 


Understand the way in which robots use AI to learn and adapt. How do developers teach machines to memorise and respond?

As an expert in smart factory robotics design, you’ll develop all of the necessary skills for working in Industry 4.0 companies, and help bring change to manufacturing plants and product design firms.


Virtual (or augmented) reality isn’t all just fun and games, as great and enjoyable as that aspect is. It can also be used for groundbreaking social and psychological research, defensive purposes and therapy. 

With an applied artificial intelligence degree from IU University of Applied Sciences, you can take part in this vital field of technological development, and work on a wide variety of interesting projects.

Change what the world thinks about the possibilities that AI offers, and make a real difference in people’s lives, while enjoying every step of the process.


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Duration 72 months

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*Price information:

For students in Asia, Africa, and South & Central America, the prices displayed show regular tuition fees including graduation fees, scholarships or other discounts. For students from Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan & South Korea, the prices displayed do not include graduation fees, scholarships or other discounts. Additional fees may apply.

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What our students say

  • In both my passion and my career, the skills and competencies I learned at IU have made a big difference.

    Zena Massaad, MBA - Master of Business Administration
  • The university teaching at IU is characterised by a high degree of practical relevance.

    Diana Valdez, M.A. International Management
  • The study programme provided me with so many useful academic and professional skills and knowledge.

    Mai Duc, B.A. International Marketing Management

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Admission Requirements (Bachelor)
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    Our courses provide you with key theoretical knowledge and focus, above all, on practice-oriented studies designed to best prepare you for your future career. Our wide range of subject specialisations gives you maximum choice and allows you to immerse yourself in areas that match your interests.

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