Why Germany? Study at the Home of IU

IU connects you to Germany, a country renowned for excellent education, economic strength, and top living standards. Studying online or on campus, you benefit from a German quality degree and great connections.

High-Quality German Degrees with IU

In terms of educational quality, Germany is considered one of the top study destinations in the world and considered one of the best providers of education. A leader in innovation, business, and engineering, career prospects with a German degree are diverse and far-reaching. IU is at the heart of Germany with degree programmes that are accredited by the country’s educational standards agencies. With an IU degree, online or on campus, you gain certification that is accredited and recognised worldwide. 

  • Global top five leading providers of higher education  
  • High investment of GDP into education  
  • High employment figures for university graduates  
  • Great opportunities for skilled workers from abroad due to demographic change 
  • Socially diverse with 10 million inhabitants from a migrant background  
  • Excellent reputation in many industries, especially engineering and tech

Experiences from our student Deepak

Get to know the reasons why Deepak was studying with IU and how his German degree helped him with his career opportunities.

What’s Campus Life in Germany Like?

IU has two great campuses located in Germany: one in the busy, international capital Berlin, and one in a picturesque spa town near to Cologne. Find out more about life on a German campus on the Our University page. 

Want to work and study in Germany?

IU’s flexible on-campus study option offers you the perfect opportunity to live in Berlin or Bad Honnef while getting your accredited degree. The mix of in-person and online classes means you can build a network, socialise, and benefit from real-time, practical teaching. Find out if your chosen course has a campus studies option on the programme pages.

Learn more about our study models here.

Living and working in Germany

Germany is a wealthy, stable and open country. It’s renowned for reliability and quality and maintains a leading political and economic role in Europe. Its geographic location and excellent infrastructure make Germany a traveller's dream, and its rich cultural heritage ensures a huge diversity of recreational activities. Generally, our students find Germany a safe and comfortable place to live with friendly, helpful people who are willing and able to speak English. 

If you’re looking for a placement during studies or the next step in your career path, IU can help you find your way in Germany. There are many IU partners where you can find work placements and make connections within the German business world. What’s more, since the German economy is highly linked to international markets, English is widely spoken at many companies. By studying at IU, you can earn the degree you need and choose to improve your German for a competitive edge over other candidates—simply take a course.

Post-Study Work Visa Germany

In Germany, skilled professionals are in high demand and around 20% of the German population has a migration background. The country is welcoming to educated immigrants and offers the EU Blue Card scheme for residency. Additionally, post-study visas are available: If you choose to carry out your last semester in Germany, you have the chance to remain in the country for 1.5 years after graduating to search for a job. You will need to find employment that has a certain adequate compensation and is in the professional area relating to your completed studies.

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