Accreditations & Rankings

You deserve to know that the education you are gaining is of the highest quality. At IU, that’s exactly what you get. Our various awards, accreditations, and certifications speak for themselves, take a look.

Raising the Benchmark

Want proof of IU’s high quality? Let’s start with accreditation.

  • State recognised

    You can be assured of programme and teaching quality with this accreditation.

  • Institutionally Accredited

    Reaccredited for five years for meeting the German Science Council’s standards.

  • System Accredited

    IU is trusted to accredit new programmes, meeting stringent quality standards.


  • System Accredited

    We’re system accredited by FIBAA, according to specifications set out by the German Accreditation Council. Our high-quality courses, staff, and resources met their standards and in 2021 we were reaccredited for another 5 years.

  • Programme Accredited

    Our system accreditation means that we are able to accredit our own programmes. We are trusted to carry the Accreditation Council seal on all our programmes without the need for an external agency being involved.

  • German Council of Science and Humanities

    It isn’t just the teaching at IU that is of the highest quality. In 2021, the German Council of Science and Humanities reaccredited us for five years due to our development, science and research meeting their standards.

Rankings and Awards

State-of-the-Art Education

You can be rest assured of our quality due to the numerous prestigious rankings we appear in and the awards we have won, take a look!

QS Stars Rating
CHE University Ranking
European Quality Assurance Register
Fernstudiumcheck Award
DISQ Award
E-Learning Journal Award
Always Innovating

Award winning education

QS International
AACSB International
FIBAA akkreditiert
CHE Ranking
EU International
EQAR Ranking


You deserve to know that the education you’re getting is industry-relevant and completely up to date. We make sure that’s the case by aligning with networks that connect people and develop your skills for the working world.

  • AACSB Associate Business Membership

    This non-profit association links students to educators and business who want to discover the talent of the future. AACSB’s network includes over 1,700 member organisations and over 840 accredited business schools, giving you unparalleled connections to step out into a successful career. 

  • Business Graduates Association

    As an IU graduate you will have all the tools to be a manager of the future. One of the ways we ensure this is being part of BGA, whose high-ranking members are committed to responsible management practices and lifelong learning

  • Online Learning Consortium

    Our membership with the Online Learning Consortium offers us a range of benefits, including webinars, options for certifications as well as Quality Scorecards which offer ratings for degree programmes. This means you’ll get the benefits from the knowledge and continued development this membership will give our university. 

See What our Graduates Say

Our programmes have helped countless graduates push their career to the next level or retrain so they can pursue the right path for them.

Climate Neutrality

Everyone needs to play their part in the fight against climate change, at IU we are no different. Come and see our commitment to the climate.

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