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We support thousands of students in various study models for them to put them on the path to successful careers. Take a look at how our international university came to be what it is today.

The right people in the right environment

We at IU strongly believe, that an educational institution offering an environment of motivation, innovation and excellence is the key to a great study experience—and successful students. That is why we place a strong focus the on quality of our faculty, our courses, and our services. Our story started two decades ago, and it is far from finished. Every day, we strive to help you achieve your professional goals with flexible study programmes that suit you.

Facts & Figures

  • 85,000+


  • 200+

    Bachelor, Master, and MBA programmes 

  • 21

    Locations in Germany and Austria

  • 40+

    Exam centres

  • 750+

    Professors, lecturers & employees 

  • 6,000+

    Business cooperation partners

Our Campus Locations

Bad Honnef Campus

Explore Bad Honnef with IU!

Just outside of Bonn and Cologne in west Germany, our campus in the spa town of Bad Honnef has a cosy feel and is surrounded by nature.

Berlin Campus

Explore Berlin with IU!

A large, modern campus in the vibrant quarter in Germany's international, exciting capital is a great place for student life in the big city.

Take a look at at our campus experience!

Watch as Jolanda enjoys life in Berlin as part of the IU on-campus study model. Study and make connections from your home or in-person with IU International University of Applied Sciences.

Our Mission

What drives us, is what drives you: We design our programmes to be as flexible and innovative as possible—without sacrificing quality. We combine our specialist expertise and focus on providing excellent student services, subject-specific knowledge, and transferable skills to prepare our graduates for the international business world.

Our milestones to success

Since our inception, we continually strive to innovate, introduce new study formats and grow our programme catalogue.


IUBH is renamed as IU International University of Applied Sciences, and they launch a new brand to mark the occasion. The new name reflects IU’s mission in setting new standards for international education. The institution also becomes Germany’s largest university with more than 75,000 students enrolled in the university. 


More than 35,000 students from 110 nations and across 80 study programmes are currently enrolled at IU. IU employs over 650 permanent professors, lecturers, and employees in research, teaching, counselling and administration for the university.

1998- 2007

Student Recruitment Team

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